A feeling of freedom.A feeling of coming home.

Only one small step - and you will feel like you have entered another world. Our hotel breathes history and is located in a historic Biedermeier house. It was built around 200 years ago not as a hotel but a private residence, and the special atmosphere of this old building can still be felt today. Experience a feeling of coming home. Freedom to relax in your own private room - or not... Perhaps you would like to go out and grab a coffee or a drink. Or maybe you want to unwind in our gorgeous, pleasantly cool courtyard on warm summer days? 

Red - the color of life. And passion.

Here, a Viennese approach to life is combined with timeless classic art thus creating a link between the beautiful and the useful. Dark solid wood, a lot of glass, white and gray elements - and always red. Like the proverbial red thread, this color runs through the entire hotel. And in many cases, red stands for love and passion. In our case, it's our passion to pamper our guests. With the harmonious combination of aesthetics and function, the color red bestows powerful, room-defining accents with a variety of nuances both as a complement to the modern interior and as a symbol of how important it is that you feel right at home here.

Charming service

in an uncomplicated manner

It is important that you feel comfortable here. Tell us how we can make your stay with us even more wonderful. We will be happy to go shopping for you and stock your refrigerator. When you arrive, everything will be ready for you. Or would you like certain theater or concert tickets? We will gladly organize this and take care of everything. Whatever we can do for you, we do it happily and from the heart.