Lounge & courtyardOur atrium, an oasis of relaxation

The birds chirp. The wind gently plays in the branches of the trees. While you enjoy a sip of tea, let your gaze wander up. The blue of the sky sparkles between the leaves. As you sit in our courtyard with its romantic covered walkway, you will hardly be able to believe you are in the heart of Vienna. In the evening, with a little luck, you can gaze at the starry sky. Pure relaxation.

Our courtyard

Unwind and relax

Kick back and take a break in the relaxing oasis in the heart of Vienna. Enjoy a sense of lightness and carefree happiness when you let yourself unwind. 

And if you are in the mood for a glass of wine or another refreshment, our self-service refrigerator in the atrium offers a great selection of drinks.  

Lobby - The Levante Rathaus

A lounge for relaxation

If you prefer to relax in the hotel, our small but exceptional lounge awaits you. A wonderful brick ceiling, exquisite marble floors, and stylish leather chairs invite you to linger and enjoy yourself. 

Chic and smart

With coffee for free, tea for free, and a smart TV with Chromecast via smartphone, relaxing is easy here. If you would like to read, our bookshelf offers a vast selection of literature.